Friday 18 July 2014

Who needs a shotgun?

Right after the Kill Screen article we got an e-mail from Andrew Webster asking some questions about our game’s backgrounds and some of the design choices we’ve made. And a few days later this article made it’s appearance on The Verge:

Monday 14 July 2014

Some very nice words...

Kill Screen and Erik Fredner have written a really nice insight into the game and what we are doing.

Show it some love, give it a read, and share with your friends:

Been a while coming...but, how was Games for Change?!


It’s been over a month since I got back from New York and speaking at Games for Change and I have been so utterly wrapped up in following things up and getting a few personal objectives in order that I haven’t managed to properly let you lovely people know how it went!

The talk itself went…

Friday 11 July 2014


It’s been a big week for autocratic policy making by the British Government. and if you are in the UK and fancy shouting about it here’s your chance. ORG (Open Rights Group) are putting together a national day of action on Saturday the 12th of July (tomorrow).

If you fancy taking part the details are here:

And here’s a little primer on what’s been going on…