Saturday 24 December 2016

Sprint Update - 24.12.16 - Ubuntu Xmas

Our gift to you this year is stable builds across all platforms! The big news is we have been making sure our Linux builds are up to scratch as Rich is off to 33C3 and some of the hardware he might be borrowing to demo on will undoubtedly be running various flavours of Linux for us to put the build through its paces on.

Linuxmas is here

Last Saturday we tweeted out a few screens from the latest Linux build running and we were lucky enough to get this write-up from Gaming On Linux.

We’ll be putting the build through testing on as many distros as we can ahead of release, for a game with the sorts of themes encountered in ‘Off Grid’, and as all three devs are Linux users, making sure we cater to those of you who like to play on Linux is extremely important to us.

Friday 2 December 2016

Sprint Update - 02.12.16 - Workshop til you drop

Hello hello!
This sprint has been all about the behind-the-scenes:  stuff you would never know about while playing the game.  Just as well you are reading this blog then, eh!  We got a whole lot of release planning done and have our road map to alpha defined with greater granularity, at least for an agile project that is! ;P  We have done some early spring cleaning by upgrading our version control servers (in fact, entirely renewing them) and in project terms, we have mainly been working on our platform abstraction, Steam Workshop integration, and cleaning up some of our old props that were using materials inefficiently.

Now as an overview, that may all sound a little dull, but we promise there are some gems in here - especially if you are a fellow game developer running a similarly sized project.