Tuesday 24 October 2017

Sprint Update 24.10.17 - Back in the Trenches

The sprint since EGX has been an interesting one.  Loads to follow up on with the multitude of interesting folks that took an interest in the game - including a whole raft of journalists, podcasters, Youtubers and Twitchers.  Have you read our EGX round up?!

But now it’s back to the trenches - that’s what you are here to read about anyway - where and how we have been getting our hands dirty!

Friday 20 October 2017

What do you call one of the top ten best games at EGX?! OFF GRID!

Yes, you read that right!  Off Grid snagged a pretty sweet accolade over the four days at EGX:  Eurogamer staff rated Off Grid as one of the top ten games on the show floor.  Read the article in full here.

Here’s the write up on Off Grid (complete with a pretty accurate description of Rich and his conversational skills!):

While that accolade was certainly the highlight of our EGX experience this year - plenty of other great things happened over the four days:

Off Grid’s Twitch Debut

Thursday kicked off with an interview and live play through of Off Grid on the Twitch Stage.  Rich talked to CaffCast and Spamfish in a livestream to over 2000 viewers - a first for both Rich and the game!  Watch it here.

We now have our own twitch channel - be sure to subscribe!  Rich took the opportunity to do some behind the scenes streaming while at EGX, so go have a gander at those if you’re interested.  In the future, we hope to use it to do playthroughs of Off Grid, talk in more depth about our development process, and perhaps about some of the inspiration and influences behind the the game itself.

The Geek Show

Pontus (not often seen on camera!) was interviewed by The Geek Show for their podcast and YouTube channel.  Get your glimpse of one of the powerhouses behind Off Grid here:

Friendly banter with the NCA

The National Crime Agency (NCA) had a stand at EGX and were handing out helpful information to all inquisitive passersby - including literature on the Computer Misuse Act and an NCA challenge.

Here’s a little closeup of their handout:

Big Red Barrel Duet with Yucatan Game

Fellow indie dev and Leftfield Collection exhibitor, Joe Bain, and Rich Metson were interviewed by the kind folks at Big Red Barrel.

They’ve put together a special EGX podcast, jam packed with all their favorite games.  Listen in at about 56 minutes for the very best bits! ;)

What else did we love about EGX?

You’re right, we already said the highlight was being picked as ONE OF THE TOP TEN GAMES OF THE SHOW!  :D  That’s totally true - it is awesome.

Off Grid was also highlighted in OuttaSite’s indie picks at EGX, and the VGChartz write up, Games to Watch Out for from EGX.

But what else did we love about EGX and our participation in Leftfield Collection?  Watching YOU play the game!

It’s always a treat to see how players make their way through the latest build - taking note what they find interesting and engaging, and what might be quickly passed over.

This year marked ten years of Leftfield at EGX - that’s ten years of showcasing great indie games alongside all the big hitters - thanks to David Hayward for all the effort supporting indie developers!