Tuesday 6 June 2017

Off Grid Sprint Update 06.06.2017 - Radial Velocity

The month of May is done and dusted - and Off Grid is all the better for it! We’ve overhauled the app system, reorganised our LevelKit, and continued adding all the right save features. If you’re a wannabe Off Grid player and modder, the time to start getting familiar with the tools at hand is right here, right now!

New ways of using your apps

In this sprint we ended with fairly big difference in how apps, and selecting targets for interactions are handled. While the old AppWheel is convenient for certain types of interactions, like grabbing all the data around you as you run through the level, it’s less ideal when you want to do more planned and complicated interactions with various devices, without having to switch different apps on & off and sometimes opening your pause menu and inventory to select files and send them.

So we decided adding a radial menu you can use to select the apps to use, files to send etc while you are currently looking at a target device would be a nice option.

Simple enough as a concept, but as things go, actually building this ended up requiring quite a lot of other things to change as well…