Wednesday 28 August 2013

Data Trails

After spending a few days trying to build a system to track all the data the player and in-game characters leave while using their mobile devices and other connected gadgets, and strugling with the multi-dimensional lists and complicated data structures involved, I finally decided to give LINQ a try.

After less than a day’s work we now have our in-game data tracking system working, gathering all the data and sorting and tracking each character’s movements and device usage over time.

I decided it would be appropriate to name the main script “PRISM”.

Monday 19 August 2013

The abuse of Copyright, and the power of the web

It’s easy to get down with the current situation, and the #Miranda saga.

A friend pointed me to this story recently, which I think quite wholeheartedly sums up the sort of battles the internet is winning for people, and truth, and fairness the world over.

It may be small in comparison to some of things you hear, from Iranian hacktivism to Egyptian bloggers, but sometimes the scale of that can be hard to grasp, especially here in the relatively benign and safe (for most) West .

Read on and enjoy how the free internet is something to cherish (and perhaps instigate and protect)

Friday 16 August 2013

The Toy

After a dev miscommunication between Pontus and I over our desires for the turning and strafe functionality of the character, we decided to have a little character control revamp!

I know what you’re thinking, 6 weeks ‘til we demo at Eurogamer and I’m fiddling with the fundamentals, but the cold hard truth is that 'the Toy’ or feel is so important that I don’t think any time spent tweaking what will essentially be one of your player’s first impressions of the game, is any time wasted at all. You really can’t get this feature too right.

There is some great stuff out there on character controllers, but if you’re looking for Unity specific stuff, it doesn’t get much more thorough than this following set of videos by John McElmurray:

If the man was still on twitter there would be a big shoutout going to him right about now! If you can hear me.. THANKS JOHN!!

Thursday 15 August 2013

The bits have turned sideways!

“See, that’s the reason for your TV not working… All the bits have turned sideways!”

Tuesday 13 August 2013

The evolution of our hero

The evolution of our hero… (or one of them - hint hint)

Thanks to for chivvying me along to get these to you good folks.

If you’ve got keen eyes, then in the ‘Mixamo rigging’ post we put up, you might have spotted a different character to the one in our trailer, but until now I hadn’t put anything up officially. Well, here’s where we are with it…

Silvia’s work on the characters really deserves some limelight and applause, she’s been doing a fantastic job and I cant wait to show you all more as it comes along.

For now, enjoy these and let us know what you think!

Sunday 11 August 2013

Sketching out the soundscape designs for WWise

I thought I’d share this early sketch our Sound designer, Jonas, put together as he started to use Wwise  a couple of weeks ago. It shows his initial thinking and the foundational principles of using Wwise and calling events with different triggers. To me its really nice to see ‘sound’ drawn out on paper, so I thought I’d share it!