Friday 15 May 2015

Sprint Update 15.05.2015 - Sock Puppet

It’s been a long sprint this one, as we had a couple of long and time consuming tasks to attack. But first…

Cabin Fever

Last month saw a lot of activity on the indie scene as devs rushed to get in applications for a new indie incubator, called Stugan, where 20 innovative developers are chosen to take 2 months out working on their projects together in a remote cabin in the Swedish wilderness. Unfortunately this sprint we got the disappointing news that we were down to the last few but we weren’t selected. Congrats to our friend and fellow London Game Spacer  Robin Baumgarten who got in though!
Part of the process was to make a team intro video, we’re looking forward to seeing more videos from folk we know who applied, but for the time being we figured you folks might enjoy seeing ours:

"the video is no longer available"

Not a bad effort eh! Wish we were going to a log cabin in the woods for it, but at least we got a new team member out of it, Sock will be joining us on the Semaeopus Ltd. team as the Business Development Officer pending contract negotiations.