Friday 12 June 2020

Steam Game Festival Event Lineup: June 16th - 22nd

OFF GRID is part of the Steam Games Festival:  Summer Edition, now running from June 16th to 22nd!  The date may have changed, but our plans have not!

If you recieve our newsletter, you will already be in the know - if not, that's a gentle reminder to go sign yourself up now.  :)

What can you expect during the Steam Game Festival starting Tuesday?!  Plenty!  We've got SIX ways to for you to join in the fun: 

1.  Download and play a free demo of OFF GRID!

Starting 10am PDT, June 16th - 22nd

Yep, you heard that right!  It's time limited, but it will be there for you to get a taste.  Head on over to the OFF GRID Steam page and get your fix!

2.  OFF GRID Developer Q&A

Tuesday, June 16th, 10am PST / 6pm BST

Questions at the ready, because you can ask us anything!  We'll be taking questions in the live Steam Broadcast chat AND via reddit

3.  Chinese OFF GRID Play Along

Wednesday, June 17th, 1pm BST / 8pm CT

Join us for a play along Q&A session for the Chinese audience with our fried Hao who is keen to help OFF GRID reach his home country of China.  He'll be leading a Q&A session for us and translating the interview into Chinese live as we play through the demo.

Hao runs his own small studio, Flying Hammer, and is a concept designer, game developer, animator and entrepreneur working in both the UK and China, making educational games and animations.  He is passionate about gaming culture exchange and helping get indie games like Sable, and now OFF GRID, seen in his homeland!

**Disclaimer** At the moment, OFF GRID isn't translated to Chinese, but we are keen to help support Chinese players with the limited resources we have as a four person indie studio.  We have translated our Steam page to make a start in this direction, and have modding support for the game that we hope can mean at the very least, that Chinese players will be able to add Chinese localisation mods of OFF GRID to the Steam Workshop.  We will do our best to aim for an official Chinese Translation of the game at some point post-release. 

4.  OFF GRID DevStream:  CCCamp Mod

Thursday, June 18th, 12 noon PDT / 8pm BST

Part of our reguarly stream series - we'll be back with the infamous and Mitch Altman - a seriously cool hardware hacker and inventor of TV-B-Gone on the lineup!  We'll continue modding & making the hardware hacking area in our CCCamp mod, which Mitch runs IRL.  

5.  OFF GRID Livestream + Showcase:  Steam Game Festival Edition

Saturday, June 20th, 12 noon PDT / 8pm BST

This special edition livestream will be a chance to:
  • explore OFF GRID's unique mechanics and how they were created
  • speak with the hackers who have consulted on the game for realism and feature as characters
  • showcase OFF GRID's moddability and how you can craft and contribute to the stories within the universe

6.  Hacker Hangout Livestream

Sunday, June 21st, 12 noon PDT / 8pm BST

A chance to just hang out with the hackers, hactivists and heros that inspire OFF GRID.  We'll do a livestream so that you can see more of the game, and we can chat about all things hacker culture as we do.  Ask your questions in Steam Broadcast chat, and we can have a good ol chinwag about all things that they can legally answer.  We'll be joined by Lauri Love, pathfinder,, and more!

We stream direct from Steam Broadcast, as well as Twitch and YouTube - be sure to join in! 

We're looking forward to the start of the festival!  In the meantime, you're welcome to join our Discord if you haven't already.  We've got a good group of people - they're a sharp, fun bunch - be great to have you in there, too!



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