Saturday 1 November 2014

The first Off Grid Sprint Update

We decided that it would be a good idea to start writing more regular updates about what we’ve been up to - and what better time than every time we close a sprint in our development and start a new one?!  So, here’s the first ever public Off Grid sprint update.

More data mechanics!

Our main goal for the last sprint (and one before that) has been on improving the data-related game mechanics we have.  We’ve been busy coming up with new ideas for how data could be used in the game, and designing the underlying systems that would allow us to build a wide variety of interesting interactions around the data that exists in the game world (and that characters create when using their mobile devices, key cards, computers and so on).

Even creepier surveillance system

Our equivalent of the real-world PRISM, the system that tracks all data left behind by the player and all the other characters, needed updating to allow it to also track non-living data sources - phones, key cards, computers and other devices. So, no matter what the source of the data