Monday 30 April 2018

Devblog 30.04.18 - STEAMing Ahead!

As you can probably tell from our other posts on PAX East and GDC, there has been a fair amount of jet setting done for conferences and shows that broke up our regular development rhythm, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot of dev work in the interim!

Now you NPC me, now you don’t

We’ve been working up new characters, ready to populate new levels and keep on with the content push. Below is another harbour worker that Josh has been working on the rig for.

And of course, thanks to our new character colour setup making use of the colour look up tables we have setup for creating easy variations, means that this character isn’t just a harbour worker, he can have many jobs!

PAXEast 2018!

As part of our month of travels, Pontus, Rich, and Steve all made it out to PAXEast to show off the game.  It’s a really friendly and inviting show and we’d definitely recoomend it.  We were lucky enough to get to show the game as part of a little collective of friends all put together by Kinifi Games, called Figs & Co, run by husband and wife dev team Hollie and Chris Figueroa, those two are a total powerhouse, and we are so proud to call them friends!!

A nice thing about PAX is the airport is a 10 minute ride from the conference centre and the free airport shuttle drops you pretty much at the doorstep of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC).

Hello Boston!
The setup!

Grownup Developers Conference?

We’ve had a busy month with travel to the US for events!

Rich and Sarah attended GDC for the first time, or atleast attempted to, and well, it was ok…

The event itself is huge, and there were a lot of friends and colleagues to catch up with, but to be honest, the fringe events were better than the core event itself based on this experience, specifically how non-inclusive it was for Sarah, a working mom, and core member of the Semaeopus team. But before we get to that…