Monday, 30 April 2018

Devblog 30.04.18 - STEAMing Ahead!

As you can probably tell from our other posts on PAX East and GDC, there has been a fair amount of jet setting done for conferences and shows that broke up our regular development rhythm, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot of dev work in the interim!

Now you NPC me, now you don’t

We’ve been working up new characters, ready to populate new levels and keep on with the content push. Below is another harbour worker that Josh has been working on the rig for.

And of course, thanks to our new character colour setup making use of the colour look up tables we have setup for creating easy variations, means that this character isn’t just a harbour worker, he can have many jobs!

Bug Fixes

The nice thing about showing at GDC in a low key way is it made it into a little dry run for PAXEast, where we could discover and fix smaller issues. We worked in and around the fringes most the time - there were a couple fo things to do with level loading, and there were some small tweaks to the lua mission scripts.

Swag Factory

With the help of a family member who makes custom T-shirts, we setup a swag factory for the day. It’s incredible what you can do with a hot plate and some vinyl!  We used this to experiment with some designs and do some custom one-off prints.

Here we are with a hoodie being finished on the press.

We also got 100 of our ‘classic’ Off Grid T-shirt design printed by a larger print shop so that we would have plenty on hand at PAX East. Combined with our custom tees and hoodies this is what the final haul looked like (above). The whole lot came to around 70lbs and had to be packed in two seperate bags to get them on the plane and under the weight limit.

New Trailer

It’s been a little while coming so hopefully you good folks have been excited to see the new trailer! (It’s been a relief for us to replace the old footage!) If you pay attention to the blog, then there are lots of features and such that this is your first opportunity to get a glimpse at unless you have been lucky enough to play the demo at a conference recently.

Check the trailer out here and give it a thumbsup on youtube!!!


Launching the Steam ‘Coming Soon’ Page

The other mad rush was to get the game reviewed and approved so we could launch the Steam ‘Coming Soon’ page for PAX.  It’s a fairly straight forward process but there’s a lot of little things you have to get right. Luckily we did in the nick of time and with a little help from some friends over at Valve, the Steam Page went live while we were at PAX.

Please do head on over to the Steam page and have a gander, and remember to:  Wishlist us on Steam now!!!

Wishlisting is important for getting Steam to feature you, and is an interesting marker for how you can predict the kind of range your sales will be in. Recently Jake Birkett wrote an interesting article on Gamasutra that goes into this.

Bonus Stage Returned

We saw the second inaugural Bonus Stage show return once again as part of the London Games Festival. This time we helped organise the event and we also got to return as the previous year’s winners. There were some great games on show including the very moody ‘Beyond Crimson Stars’ (below) by Ben Lunato.

We had a prize for the audience voted ‘Game of the Show’ again and this time it went to “Black Friday: The Ultimate Shopping Simulator” by Chelsey Webster, congrats Chelsey!

That’s all for now, more news soon!

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