Thursday, 17 May 2018

Sprint Round Up - 17.05.18 - A different approach

Hello loyal devlog readers!

We’be been blogging about for awhile now, and think it’s time we change up the the way we’re approaching it.  There’s SO much going into each development sprint that we want to make it easier to understand what we’ve been doing.

From here on out, at the end of each sprint, we’ll be putting together a roundup of the development achievements each sprint, and then breaking the detail out into individual posts every week or two.  It means you’ll get more regular updates from us, and they should be a bit more bitesized and cover a specific theme or area across the last month of development.

Keep an eye out for Steve’s next post on save systems - coming soon!

Now for the sprint round up:

Upgrading the App System

  • Evaluated current app system and how to get it to fit our requirements & designs
    • We’ll need to change things a bit so the apps are fully controlled by the Lua scripts

Bug fixes and tweaks after PAX & GDC

  • Screen fade to black moved to UI, removed all old fade systems/code
    • …so fades now work reliably on player death, level restart/completion etc.
  • Pause menu scroll bar was misaligned to edge of screen instead of edge of menu
  • Fixed guards being stuck in wrong animation / AI states after taking breaks
    • Taking breaks restores motivation correctly (for NPC’s not just us developers)
    •  Added interrupts in animation system to break out of animation before
      it completes. (Now the NPC’s don'ät need to finish their coffee before
      they can start chasing the player)
  • Fixed guards sometimes not chasing player
    • …see above. They *tried* but it’s hard to run while also drinking coffee
    • The AI system for selecting target locations still had some old code
      that limited target locations within +/- 2 meters vertical from NPC
      position. When player disappeared out of sight in stairs etc. that
      stopped the AI from following.
  • Fixed our build script’s “build all” option only building Windows.
    • …also made it ask for all the options needed *before* making the builds, not in
      between each platform. Otherwise the person making the builds can’t go
      for a coffee while waiting the build to complete ;P
  • Data view textures and colours conforming (props sucha as paper sheet and some devices had
    wrong data colour)
  • Fixing the formating in the text for some devices (Extra
    tabs in hand dryer description strings)
  • Sped up first hacking interaction to make gameplay and feedback more immediate (bathroom thermostat
    start temp to 20C) apostle/basement conversation after server objective
    not set to secure

Fixing save issues

  • NFC data now doesnt disappear on load
  • Saving
    and loading is now handled correctly
  • Save data no longer diverges
    when play is continued.

Fixing Doors!

  • Set up scannable interaction
    prefabs properly,
  • Added frosted strip accross all glass door
    models for better visibility,
  • Scanner door prefab not tagged properly
    (doesn’t work for the Help overlay)

Prop work

  • Fixed missing files in levelkit source .blend
  • Updated the vending machine prop to give more detail

Character Rigging

  • Worked on bringing new characters into the game
  • Made a start on rigging and set up of some of the older characters with new Colour LUT setup and blend shapes for their body shape
Thanks for reading!

The Off Grid team

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