Friday 4 September 2015

Sprint Update 04.9.2015 - Experiments and future content

Hello there, long time no talk!

We’ve been away on our summer holidays, Pontus headed back to Finland to catch up with family, and rich got married for the second time (to the same person). We’ve had some contract work to do to keep the wolves at bay, but fret not we have been continuing away on off grid development in the background! and so here is an overdue catch up on what we’ve been up to…
Rich took the opportunity to use some of the time for getting back in tune with a pencil and paper and wrote the first draft for the Off Grid script. As you may know we have had the premise and the major characters fleshed out for some time but the new script ties together all the current designs for future levels and features with a coherent narrative, and pretty much lays out the entire player journey for the main story missions. This has been really helpful already for working out what to prioritize in the next levels we are prototyping, and what the player journey for the game is in relation to the character’s development.