Wednesday 22 August 2018

Sprint Round Up - 22.08.18 - Refreshed and Ready

When you spend so much of your time behind a screen and a keyboard, a true break from it is an absolute requirement every once in a while!  Just as Pontus hit the woods in Finland last month, this month Sarah and Rich met up with family and spent a week camping in the Rockies. 

Highlights included multiple excited loud-whisperings of 'MOOSE!' while wildly gesturing at a black mass in the trees, only to get closer and discover a cow!  Luckily, plenty of real moose were also spotted throughout the week. 

At the end of it, Rich had an afternoon in Boulder and got a chance to meet up with some local devs, too.

Then it was back to work, of course! 

And so it's time for another sprint update!  Here's what's been checked off the list this sprint:

Level Design

  • Utilised ProBuilder to clean up old geometry and fix z-fighting issues
  • Improved upon player route through existing levels

App System

  • Rebuilt the App System - apps are now actually fully driven by the Lua scripts
  • Expanded the Lua API to add more features specifically useful for apps (but of course available for other systems as well)


  • Data-driven work on AI, which included:
    • Making InterestPoints general
    • Creating Agent profiles to use and/or fix these points


  • New artist on board!  Yesss!
  • New character models completed that will be part of a surprise reveal in the future!  
  • New character concepts for LUT variations of moddable characters

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed multiple bugs and inconsistent behaviours with apps a bunch of essential biz dev and planning tasks.


Now we're focusing on the busy sprint ahead as we gear up for some big upcoming deadlines.  A couple of us are headed to EMF at the end of August for a weekend of making, breaking, hacking, crafting, ingeniuty and fun.  If you're planning to be there too, get in touch with Rich on twitter and ask to play the demo!

Thanks for following along!

The Off Grid Team

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