Thursday, 10 April 2014

‘Bolum Sonu Canavari’

We got featured on ‘Bolum Sonu Canavari’, a well known Turkish gaming site, and kindly a friend of mine has done a rough translation into English for us! Enjoy!

“The game is about spies and it revolves around the topic of some problematic and controversial corporations and websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Facebook possesses all our personal information under what they call private settings and we share all our images and videos by trusting and believing in these promises of privacy, but we don’t know how the principles of Facebook will change in time, neither do we know if Facebook will share all this information with governments.

Aside to Facebook, things like CISPA or SOPA which deal with copyright infringements can also be mentioned. The reason why we’re going in such detail about these is because these are the issues that lie in the basis of this game. If we simply say this is a spy game, we miss out on the real purpose that lies behind it.

As more and more people and companies enforce copyright, this in a way causes a restriction on our freedom. As an example, imagine you’re moving on an empty monopoly board, because no one is buying anything you can easily move around it without having to pay anyone any money. Under normal circumstances, when you’re playing monopoly and as more and more people buy land and build hotels etc on them, you’re unable to move anywhere freely, so when you throw the dice, you end up losing every time. Even in Youtube, copyright on music or various images cause the videos to be cropped until there’s not much left. 

In this game, the spies leak information to these companies to destroy them and free people, and by people I mean famous thinkers, hackers, musicians, activists. The government imprisons these people and you (as the spy) by leaking information (such as voice recordings) are trying to destroy these corporations. I guess the inspiration of this game comes from Wikileaks. About the user friendliness of the game, it can be said that it has a different graphical style to it. It may not satisfy everyone but it definitely has a unique style. There are triangular shaped heads accompanied by James Bond styled music. You’re trying to get to the roots of information by hiding and tricking your enemies and you need to vacate as soon as you get the information. By doing so you’re meant to be liberalizing the internet.." 

Cool huh!?

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