Thursday, 3 January 2019

Happy New Year from Semaeopus!

Happy New Year

2019 is here and we are thrilled to welcome it!  There are so many exciting things to come in 2019!

Before we move head on into the new year - we just want to pause and reflect on all that came our way in 2018.

We did a quick recap in our December newsletter, but upon reading it back, realised we missed out some seriously significant moments. 

Without further ado, here are our highlights of 2018:

1.  Rich and Sarah attended GDC for the first time - an eye opener!

2.  The team demoed at PAX East as part of Figs and Co!

3.  Made our print debut with a double page spread in GamesMaster magazine 

4.  Semaeopus was named as part of Creative England's 2018 CE50 cohort
5.  Attended EMF Camp with a base at Milliways!

6.  We brought a fun new artist on board - shout out to Sophie! 

7.  Rich started streaming and we launched our DISCORD!
8.  Gave talks at GameDev Camp and IndieCade
9.  OFF GRID was featured in InsideIntel, a modern art show on privacy put on by the CIJ

10.  Spoke at  Sweden Games Conference, and won the Indiecator award in the form of a giant cheque!

11.  Ran a successful, overfunded Kickstarter campaign​ - hitting the first stretch goal! 

12.  Announced the line up of real life hacker characters to feature in OFF GRID!

13.  Semaeopus won the first ever UK Games Fund Smart Studio Award
14.  Kicked off our new and *exclusive* FIRST ACCESS programme

WOW.  What a year 2018 was!  Thank you to each and every one of you for supporting us and helping us make all of this happen!

...and now it's on to 2019:  GOOD THINGS ARE COMING!

We wish you all the very best in the new year!



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