Friday, 19 July 2013


Here’s a little trick for those Autodesk Maya users of you who aren’t in the know!

I’m often surprised by how many colleagues I’ve worked with in the past who are unaware of the flexibility of using Maya ascii files. Recently I had a friend working in a different version of Maya ask me to re-export some work for them…

You can always re-export,  but a quicker fix that might be useful to know for future reference is that these are .ma Maya Ascii files which means they are human readable code.

You can open up the file in notepad or some other text editor and the file is fully editable in text form. Some more advanced users are able to use this to fix corrupted files, and it’s often used in automated pipelines to strip out non-essentials from large projects, or create generic lighting setups over multiple files.

For us this provides a win as if you scroll along it has the Maya version requirement on the first line. From here you can either rewrite it to match the version of Maya you are using or delete the entire line. (see photo attached for reference) Hope this helps!

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