Sunday, 7 July 2013

Dynamic building generator/tool

We started prototyping a dynamic building generator/tool for our city recently, and you know what, for an afternoon’s work its starting to make things that look damn-near like buildings!

In fig.1 you can see the test building that we created the tiles from in Blender, then in fig.2 you can see the ‘WallBuilder.cs’ generating a wall with those tiles randomly, but in fig.3 … wait for it … we have it specifying a ground floor, with ground floor tiles, and intermediate floors with intermediate floor tiles.Still a long way to go, but this use of the Unity Editor scripting options and generally component based scripting, should prove a powerful way of letting our production and interior designers come up with clever architecture patterns and rules and play around with generating buildings in the game engine. Freeing us to focus on EVERYTHING ELSE THAT NEEDS DOING, AI, UI, interactions, gameplay programming, the story… yada yada yada!

Let us know if you have any tips for tile based building tools! Look forward to showing you all more as it comes together!

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