Sunday, 26 October 2014

Last fortnight ORG hackday, this week Mozfest!

We popped along to the Open Rights Groups hackday to see what wild ORG hacks we could try and plumb into the game and generally just meet some of the lovely folks in the ORG community, building awesome tools for advocacy.

We decided to try and pull web content from other participants projects and find fun ways of displaying them in the game using CoherentUi, our HUD and GUI system that is build on HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

One project that fitted that bill was the Open tech Calendar

Using Json, we pulled the ORG calendar info from opentechcalendar into the game, and built a ‘calendar app’ in game for the player character’s phone, so that you can collect a calendar in game and display real upcoming events in real-time! (see image) Looks like our hero is considering making it to ORG Bristol’s Wednesday screening of 'The Internet’s Own Boy’.

The cool thing is that this technique actually gives us the chance to build all kinds of cool content into the game from the web at large, and allows us display it on screens and computers in the game environments aswell as in the HUD and apps the player is using. Which gives room for way more innovation and content in the game universe to come!

We’ve had a lot of cool developments with the game recently and are at Mozfest 2014 in London this weekend, so if you are there, come swing by and see us, and play a pre-alpha build of the game!

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