Friday, 31 October 2014


We had the privilege of being invited to demo the game at Mozilla’s Mozfest last weekend, as part of their Privacy Learning lab, and what a great time we had!

As well as facilitating, we got the chance to attend a few sessions too, my personal favorite being “Stay Connected! Mesh Networks, Routers, and Sneakernets” with harlo Holmes (@harlo) from The Guardian Project. Harlo went through the planning phases and possible tech required for building a mesh network in your neighborhood and what alternatives and other projects there are already out there.
In the same session we also got an intro to a cool project by Jake Brown (@jakebrwon) and James McNutt (@jmcnuttcase) in association with Open Chattanooga where they are repurposing a failed civic mesh network intended for first responders, fire and ambulance depts. to work as a public mesh network.

The ever exhuberant Dave Green (@FakeDaveGreen) was workshopping how to take old game peripherals and make them into new instruments with Ableton…

…And Ginger Coons (@ossington), put together a gripping narrative ARG that I’m going to have to find some time to write more about in another post…

For our part, the weekend’s ‘Mozillians’ were able to stop at several stations in our session to learn about all sorts of things from metadata (Jason Denziac @jden415), to circumvention tool localization (LocalizationLab by Katey, Dragana, and Roxann from @SecondMuse), what threats to your privacy exist, and how to upgrade your online habits with the Clean Data Movement by Dele AtandaOff Grid essentially played a nice respite for attendees to come and talk about real world issues and tools around privacy and how you might visualize them in any art form, including a game, all while having a roam around an early build of the game.

We then got invited to show the game at the festival closing Demo Party, so we got to get the game in the hands of folks as they relaxed with a Greenwich Meantime Pale Ale or even an Aperol Spritz!

Looking forward to next year!

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