Monday, 18 June 2018

Sprint Round Up - 18.06.18 - Cheat to complete!

This sprint included a major milestone… playing the game from start to finish! :D

That may be stretching the truth a bit, and included a bit of cheat… but here’s the detail on that, along with the rest of our work this sprint:

Stub-out of all levels

Stubbed out the game’s level sequence and the logic that ties it all together then threw in a completion hack to ‘play’ the game end-to-end
  • Made stub grey box rooms for all remaining levels
  • Created completeable mission scripts for missing levels
  • Created level.json and preconditions to make all levels tie together and the game “completeable”
  • Added dev laptop to all levels and added setting in the device so you can ‘hack’ the laptop to complete the mission.
  • Made a couple fo test builds and made sure the game is fully ‘completeable’ end-to-end.

Save System

  •  Set up save files to save persistent data (to last throughout a play-through, rather than just during missions)


  • Added functionality to mission and device scripts to enable state to be saved.
  • Refactored devices to work towards formalising their operations, and allow for more modding potential.

Updating to Unity 2018 (and everything else)

  • Updated Unity project to run on 2018.1
  • Sound engine & Unity integration updated to Wwise 2017.2.4
  • Updated ReWired to
  • Updated PostProcessing stack to v2
  •  Also updated our settings system and postprocessing profiles to work with the new system
  • Updated Cinemachine
  • Added ProBuilder and Text Mesh Pro to project (giving nicer tools for modders since you can build things inside Unity instead of being limited to our levelkit pieces or using external 3D software to build things with)

App System

  • Needed to undergo some refactoring to ensure full functionality, this has meant a bit of digging around

Bug fixing

  • Fixed a Mac path problem that was preventing levelkit work being done on Mac
  • Fixed a shader used in harbour that was using a deprecated function
  • Added workaround for Unity not handling nested Canvas Groups correctly (to fix issues with invisible selectable buttons in main menu screen)
  • Fixed level loading from mods (built-in levels and ones added as mods have a different path for level.json which needed to be taken into account when looking for available levels)

Sprint complete! Thanks for following along with us.

The Off Grid Team

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