Thursday, 26 July 2018

Sprint Round Up - 26.07.18 - Hot Devices

This sprint someone (Pontus!) spent a good chunk of it hanging out by a lakeside cabin in Finland.

The rest of us weren't envious AT ALL, of course, while we plugged away at our tasks while melting in the unusually hot English climes!  Here's what we accomplished:

Level Design

  • Grey box work completed on a new level and its architecture, using probuilder to replace old modular geometry
  • Worked on the mission script, overall design and objective placement and the devices in it


  • Devices now can leave data, by either grabbing metadata from the using character's profile, or by a function that generates data within the device (or both)
    • NPC's using devices leave data / e.g. vending machine use should leave purchase data
  • Device Lua can now grab data from its inventory
  • Devices are now set up to react to data they are sent (e.g. virus etc) via data sending and Device.SetState
  • Added hackable light groups and API for modders to use this
  • Lua API for device UI's now display the device's inventory

Character Controls

  •  Recentred camera after idle delay

Bug fixing

  • Fixes complete for office worker on the roof issues (setting User Position for InterestPoints)
  • Fixed Videoplayer for cutscene 

More detail on some of these ares of development will come in the month's devblogging.

Sprint complete!  Thanks for following along with us!

The Off Grid Team

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