Friday, 26 October 2018

OFF GRID is 76% funded and officially loved by Kickstarter! <3

The campaign was given a 'PROJECT WE LOVE' badge earlier in the week!  We had hopes and dreams of getting that nice little bit of extra love from Kickstarter before we started, and now we’ve got it.  It feels good. Thanks Kickstarter!


We have some tremendously fun news coming next week!  Stay tuned - the news is going to break on Tuesday, October 30th.  You don’t want to miss it!

Once the news is LIVE - please do us the favor of sharing it to the masses. Tweet, blog, write an article, do a little video, share, retweet, or write us a poem.

Would you like a clue?  OF COURSE you'd like a clue!  Here you are:

To celebrate the release of the aforementioned news, Rich will be doing a dev stream on Tuesday to chat about it all with you! Tune in via at 5pm UK time. 

Now, let's get to smashing the 80% milestone as soon as possible, folks!  Share and chat about it as much as you can!   Perfect conversation for all those Halloween parties this weekend... the mass surveillance state that surrounds us all is downright frightening, after all. 


The Off Grid Team

If you haven’t already - be sure to wishlist Off Grid on Steam - each wishlist makes a big difference to us, and we really appreciate your support!

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