Monday, 5 November 2018


How fun it is to be talking stretch goals!  Stretch goals are a tricky thing, especially with this amount of time left: it’s plenty of time for a nice little burst of activity, but it isn’t ages either…

We wrote a little bit about our attitude to stretch goals yesterday here, and so, building on that, here is our plan…

We’re not gonna go mad, but we do have a few nice ideas that we’d like to put out there and see how people respond to them, and if they prove popular, we have further things to expand upon based on uptake too.

We’ll be revealing 2 possible stretch goals to start with, and then revealing a new one each time one is met (if they are met!).

To start, we have these stretches for you:

Stretch Goal #1: In Game social media feed!

How about it: an in-game, fictional social media app that does some world building and can provide hints for both narrative and mechanic discovery?

We are on our way already with this one: the campaign currently sits at £20,593 so we’re 13.5% toward it already! :)

This will give you more insight to what's going on in the game world outside (rather than just what's going on in the mission you are playing), through a short message-based social media feed. Not unlike certain real-life one with a bird as their logo.

We feel this is something that would make the OFF GRID world feel more alive, *and* that we can do without it affecting our release schedule since we already have built similar tech for other parts of the game. The feed would be a combination of procedurally generated messages from the "outside world", pre-made story telling messages, and ones created as a response to player's actions and choices in the game. This would also create an additional way to learn about people in the levels, and perhaps gather some useful information as well. After all, people post all kinds of things on social media!

To go with this, we'll add a new limited edition tier to our campaign, giving you an opportunity to create your own message and have it included in the game.

What might you put in there?! Get to thinking - it’ll be up on the reward section once the stretch goal is met!

(We reserve the right to veto inappropriate or ill-fitting content of course, but will work with you to get everything edited into something that will work with the message generation system we use.)

Stretch Goal #2: New hackable interfaces!

Now this one is niiiiiice!

The game currently has one device user interface (UI) which represents something you'd have as a back-end settings menu on a device. With this stretch goal, we'll add some new ones to represent the front-end side, what any normal (non-hacker) user would see when using a device.

...after all, all the devices in the game are actually used by other characters too, and surely they aren't doing it by hacking to their back end settings menus like you are! So the player should be able to see the same end-user side as well.

We think this will make for some potentially interesting variations on hacking techniques and puzzles too.

Let’s do this!

“How?” you say...

  • Tell others that you’ve backed OFF GRID and want to see it go further!
  • Tell your friends they might like the game too!
  • Post the campaign wherever you hang out online
  • Do you write about games? We’d love you to write about OFF GRID!
  • Do you stream? Stream the demo and talk about the campaign!
  • Retweet, share, and like our posts as much as you can
  • Start thinking about what social media message you want to adorn OFF GRID with and back the new tier once it's unlocked!
If you haven’t already, and you like what we do, back us at any level you can! Remember, if you are tempted by the stretch goals and have already backed, you can up your pledge too! Even just by £1! Every single little bit helps!


The Off Grid Team

If you haven’t already - be sure to wishlist Off Grid on Steam - each wishlist makes a big difference to us, and we really appreciate your support!

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