Sunday, 4 November 2018

WE HIT 100%!!

You have all helped us raise over £20k for OFF GRID so far…


..and there is still quite a bit of time to spare too - a good few days in fact!  As all money over and above the goal will go straight into making OFF GRID even better - let's keep it going!

If today is anything to go by, we are really rolling!

Since hitting 100%, we have doubled our usual average daily pledge, with ~£500 coming in in just a few hours - could this be the start of another mad rush like the astounding beginning of the campaign?!  It’s a bit early to tell, but apparently the last couple of days can have a similar effect. We can't wait to find out!

Feeling good!

It feels SO good to have the support of you all behind us!  We were pretty confident that we have a caring and passionate audience from the get-go, yet still nervous about putting that assumption to the test!

This moment was *terrifying*:

From the very moment we hit the GO button, you backers took us for a wild ride!

  • OFF GRID was 35% funded in 5 hours
  • We hit 40% funded in 7 hours
  • AND THEN we hit the 50% mark within 21 hours!

50% funded within 24 hours?!  That blew our minds!  We are so grateful for all of that early support - it set the tone for the campaign and gave us the boost we needed to keep things going strong.

These last few days as we crept toward our goal have been pretty exciting!   We have been busy too: there's a big piece on the IRL hackers and principles behind OFF GRID hopefully going live tomorrow, and some cool announcements to make over the coming days, including new hacker / activist characters!   All this could make for a very busy final few days!

Rich Metson and Lauri Love being prepped for the camera in the Sky studios on Friday.

So what is next?

A few of you have been asking about what we plan to do if we over-fund, and with the amount of time spare, it is likely we will by some degree!  What scale that is though, is anyone's guess.

At this point it is worth reminding folks that stretch goals can be a length of rope devs can do themselves a disservice with, and the key thing to really point out is that any funding over and above our goal will go straight into improving the game.  Funds, broadly speaking, will go on:

  • covering cost overruns 
  • better polish
  • expanding upon the content and depth of the world

All that being said, we do a have a few nice things that we would like to do, and a little extra funding would help them become realities!

We polled some of you in the Discord just before launch about your feelings are on the subject. The majority of people seem to feel the same way we do:  that the key thing is to focus on the core game and ways to improve upon it rather than adding bells and whistles.  A couple of  key things folks in the Discord said they would like to see avoided were:

  • over-promising
  • anything that would cause delay to the main game

Our whole campaign (and indeed our development approach before and after) has been very carefully structured in order to avoid these issues

So with all that said ...

Tomorrow we will announce some manageable and realistic stretch goals that will add value to your core experience of the game!

Stay tuned!

More backers, please!

Do keep spreading the word, and if you haven't backed yet, please do:  every penny counts towards improving OFF GRID and making it the best it can be - *especially* every penny over the initial goal!

We have a bunch of folks who are following the project’s progress that we would love to convert in to backers!  If that is you, now is the time to BACK!


If we can convert these 280 or so backers-in-waiting, it would be an additional 66% on top the backers we already have!  Remember:  the Kickstarter rewards are exclusives, folks, so what are you waiting for?!


Now is the time to celebrate!  If you’re in/near London, why not come and do so with us on the final night of the Kickstarter?!   Grab a free ticket here, and then head to the Loading Bar in Dalston for 6:30 pm this Thursday, the 8th of November.

There will be:

  • Some drinks 
  • Some swag 
  • A prize for the best fictional hacker fancy dress!!

Don’t worry if you are not able to come along in person - the whole point of this event is to create a fun livestream countdown that you can take part in from anywhere in the world!

We will get the dev team and some of our hacker friends along to do interviews and Q & A throughout the evening as we countdown to the campaign's end.

You can subscribe to the event to get a reminder when the stream goes live here.

Be sure to tune in, and if you would like to post some questions in advance to the Discord in #kickstarter or on the KS live event in the 'submit a question' field, then please do, and we will be sure to cover them!

Thank you!!

Finally, a HUGE thank you for helping us achieve our goal!  Let's get some more in the bag over these next few days!


The Off Grid Team 

If you haven’t already - be sure to wishlist Off Grid on Steam - each wishlist makes a big difference to us, and we really appreciate your support!

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